Special warranty

Special warranty

Our collectors – Our special warranty

Different fields of applications, different requirements but all with a special 10 years warranty!

With our wide variety of collectors, we provide you with the right vacuum tubes for every application. No matter if heat pipe or direct flow, we have the matching solar collectors in our assortment.

In our heat pipe model Germanstar HP 70 the absorber area is the core of the collector. Here, sunlight is converted to heat, which then is transferred to the heating circuit. The heat transfer is accomplished by the heat pipe, which transfers heat nearly without resistance to its top end and from there via a metallic heat bridge to the heating circuit. Since only treated water circulates in the heat pipe, no wear and tear factors have to be considered.

In the direct flow vacuum tube Sunstar DF 120 the vacuum tubes are directly flushed with the heat carrier medium. Therefore, these collectors can be used universally – horizontally or vertically, from 0 to 90 degree roofs to facades as well as in stand alone installations.

And since we know how good our vacuum tubes are, we deliver all models with 10 year special warranty. The related terms and conditions can be downloaded here.


Germanstar HP 70: Quality “Made in Germany”!

Our service for you: 10 years special warranty for all vacuum tubes.


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