About us

About us

The EuroSun Solarsystem GmbH distributes technically demanding and future oriented solar technology products to OEM customers and technical wholesalers. We offer a wide variety of thermal solar systems and currently provide the worldwide most comprehensive manufacturing program for vacuum tube solar collectors.

Our target was and is the constant improvement of vacuum tubes of high quality standards up to the limits of physical possibilities and the development of manufacturing processes that guarantee absolute system reliability under practical conditions.

Our large variety of products and the high manufacturing quality are based on decades of experience, which was achieved in leading positions of renowned companies. From the initial stage of research and development, we moved 2003 ahead to found our own company.

Reliability, product quality, comprehensive customer care and optimised technical solutions are important components of our marketing concept.

The EuroSun headquarter is located in Blindheim. Beyond, we operate two Chinese affiliations in Sanhe and Tianjin. Approximately 65 employees work for EuroSun in Germany and China.


Germanstar HP 70: Quality “Made in Germany”!

Our service for you: 10 years special warranty for all vacuum tubes.


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